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President John O'Leary invites you to

Yandina Chamber of Commerce
November Members Meeting

Tuesday 12 November 2019 at Bar Deco.
Networking from 6:15PM. Meeting start at 7:05PM.
Drinks and nibbles – finger food provided, catered by Bar Deco. Buy a Belgian beer.

$20 members, $25 non-members
Please book your tickets at https://www.trybooking.com/BGONR

Visioning Workshop

Local Business Improvement Consultants, Cindy Turner and Chris Scott, will be running a Visioning Workshop to assist in setting the vision and direction for our businesses. They will be using the Chamber of Commerce as a case study throughout the workshop.

Please feel free to share this flyer with other businesses.

Meeting sponsored by Yandina Art and Framing.


Did you know that Yandina is the oldest surveyed town in the Maroochy District? Early history tells how access by river made Yandina important for timber getting, dairying, fruit growing and cane growing. Changes in methods of transport and new industries continue to make Yandina vibrant.
Yandina Hotel
The Yandina Hotel is the oldest licensed Hotel in Queensland.  It was built in 1889 on the corner of Farrell Street and Old Gympie Rd.  In 1891 it was moved to its present site on Stevens Street. While the hotel was being moved they continued to serve beer and upstairs Mrs Sommer, the owner's wife, gave birth to a son. 
There are many historic sites in Yandina, originally know as "Native Dog Flat". In 1853 Daniel & Zacharis Skyring were granted leases on two Cattle Runs, “Canando” and “Yandina” which had frontage to the north banks of the South Maroochy and Maroochy Rivers.
The first “Yandina Post Office” was opened in 1868 on the north bank of the Maroochy River just upstream of Dunethin Rock.

Yandina Heritage Trail: take a walk through our history 

There are 26 historic buildings and/or location sites identified with plaques to guide your way on a walking map showing you the history of each site, available at the Yandina Historic House, 3 Pioneer Road, Yandina.
Stevens St 1919 
Stevens St 1920 
Stevens St 1924 
Stevens St today